Place your bets now

Betty Bowers. Found through random website, of all places.

Ignore this paragraph if you absolutely hate hockey. That wonderful time of the year is upon us: hockey playoffs. I posted my picks for the first round elsewhere, but I’ll cross-post them here just so you can see how wrong I will be: Sens in 5; Devils in 5; Caps in 6; Leafs in 7; Wings in 7; Avs in 6; Stars in 5; ‘Nucks in 6. I’m not going to cross-post the reasoning behind these picks, though I’m sure you can guess the reasoning for the Leafs pick.

This new Yahoo search is not too shabby.

The site for newly merged Square-Enix, with the lousy logo, has a page up for the new GBA Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu) game. The site is fully Japanese, so fuck if I know what’s going on, but there are some nice screenshots in the “System” section. *crosses fingers for a North American release*

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