Rebel Strike

Nintendo has launched its E3 site, and while its sparce at the moment, it does have a number of titillating screen shots. Most noticeable is the new Mario Kart.

However, what’s even more exciting is the new information on the Rogue Leader follow-up: Rebel Strike. Next month’s issue of EGM, which you can view at the preceding link (warning: you need to register and download proprietary software. I do not know if it is spyware infested or not), has a long exposé on it. Most interesting is this blurb, which mentions that Rogue Strike will contain all of Rogue Leader’s missions, even the bonus ones, as co-op levels. With souped up graphics. Nice. Now all I have to do is find someone to co-op them with. The speeder mission looks really impressive, too.

Out of all the launch games for this generation of consoles, Rogue Leader was my favourite. It looked absolutely great, it played smoothly, it was a challenge to beat and insanely difficult to master (there’s two bonus missions that I have yet to play), and it had the whole Star Wars Original Trilogy nerd thing going for it. Few things are as nerdily-satisfying as the “Battle of Endor.” The amazing thing is: the game took factor 5 a mere eight months to complete. Now that they have a proper time-frame to get things done, I’m quite sure that Rogue Strike will be everything Leader could have been and more.

With that, it seems like 90% of my “most wanted” titles are for the GameCube, with the other 10% on the XBox. I might throw in a couple of PlayStation 2 games into that list, but I’m skeptical about a 3D Castlevania. It seems too… Devil May Cryish. We’ll just have to wait and see with that one.

Update: Sword of Mana has been officially announced for a domestic release. Yay.

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