Rock Bottom

I don’t watch tv much, so I don’t know what’s going on out there. I hear that there’s a war or something. Whatever. Anyway, casually flicking around I caught a bit of Inside Edition (and I’m rather ashamed to admit it).

The segment I caught was about how troops have captured some of Saddam’s palaces and how amazed they are by the high opulence and grandeur of the buildings. They talk about how so much money goes to beautify the palace and to keep the lawns green while everyone around it lives in squalor with barely enough water to drink. They go on and on, making wealth seem like an evil thing (yes, in his case, acquiring it was likely “less than fair”… but that’s not the point) and reveal the excessive palaces as proof of Saddam’s heartlessness. The interviewed troops say the same old lines, and mention that the fancy marble floors and golden faucets “belong to the people”: the poor people that live nearby.

Then, just like that, Inside Edition cuts to a story about some irrelevant celebrity’s $600,000 wedding, and they treat THAT like the greatest thing ever. I still can’t believe that there are people that watch this shit.

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