The First Superpower

I know that it’s April fifth already, but it’s still worth saying: April Fools Day is the stupidest day in the history of days. What was once a day meant for spraying people with water and giving people pieces of tabasco flavoured chewing gum, and, in general, a day reserved for laughing at idiots, is now a day where you can pass off blatant lies as a joke. It’s even worse when actual sources that you rely on for news, no matter of what variety, start getting in on the act — completely killing their credibility for the other 364 days of the year. Sure, a lot of the stories are obviously jokes, but if they can’t be taken seriously on one day of the year, then they can’t be taken seriously at all.

I caught a very NTKish type of media + advertisement juxtaposition: /dump/yay/flash-ad.jpg. At the very least, it amuses me.

I keep hearing all this bullshit about the “second superpower”. It can never compete with the first superpower: human stupidity.

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