The News… twelve years ago

CablePulse 24, the local information wankfest of a channel, fills its extreme late night slot with Rewind, a replay of a select news broadcast from the station’s history. It was interesting today because they chose February 15, 1991 during the early days of the first Gulf War.

On that day, Saddam’s new peace proposal was the major news. Most of the Western leaders — Bush, Major, Mulroney — rejected the proposal. The weather was also the big talk, with a severe cold-spell bringing in windchills in the -30C range. Downtown traffic was bad, as a streetcar collided with a car. Alcohol may have been a factor. Luckily, there were only minor injuries.

In business news, the Canadian Dollar was trading at $US 86.73 (!). King Ralph was new at the movies, and Jeremy Roenick scored an overtime goal as the Blackhawks beat the Nordiques 2-1 (Belfour got the win).

I find this trip back in time interesting; I find the fact that I’m watching this at three in the morning disturbing.

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