The Sacred Ratio

With every fast-food combo, there exists a sacred unwritten rule: the golden ratio. You know what I mean. It is that holy balance between burger and fries. For every bite of the burger, let’s call it X, you eat Y number of fries. The goal, of course, is to be left with a bite-sized piece of the burger and no more than five fries. The purpose? To end it all, burger and fries, with one final bite. This ratio between X and Y — between burger and fries — this is the zen of fast food.

Beware, though, having a lot of left over burger or fries is bad, bad karma. It’s often easy to avoid, but there are hazards. The greatest danger is the greatest temptation. As I have learned tonight, super-sizing a combo throws that ratio into complete disarray. You get the same amount of burger, but a many more fries; and a lot of pandemonium and chaos. The horror!

I was going to talk about how a lot of things are fucked and whatnot… but instead, here’s 8-bit Dungeons and Dragons. And yeah, deja vu. Ok, not really deja vu, but more like deja, um, heard.

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