Call the plumber

I didn’t sign any stinking NDA, so I hold no remorse for linking to the leaked MGS3 trailer.

It is definitely interesting, and it certainly piques one’s interest. Given the jungle setting (Zanzibar?), it looks like 3 will be more of a homage to the original Famicom Metal Gears than the previous two Solids. I anticipate it, but given that this is Kojima the trailer is likely to be very unindicative of the final product. Metal Gear Solid 2 was as much a mind-fuck as anything out there, so it would be foolish to assume otherwise.

Edit: a Rogue Strike trailer is available at Man does it look good.

Edit part 2: the first Snake Eater trailer site seems to be down, but it doesn’t matter anymore as the trailer is everywhere — so I link to GameSpot link.

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