Space is being out-spaced by TVO. While Space is showing such masterful sci-fi movies like ThrillKill and Ghost in the Machine, TVO is showing The Day The Earth Stood Still and the Director’s Cut of Blade Runner. Maybe I’m wrong, but Space seems to be in a state of decline. They used to have a lot of good shows and movies, but lately it seems like a whole slew of B-movies and extra-super-lousy shows.

Not letting that media crazed bug stop them, there will be a number of sci-fi-esque cons in Toronto over the next few months. First Anime North (this coming weekend, actually), then Toronto Trek, and then TorCon3. I have contemplated about attending one of the first two cons, if only to observe the wildlife, but I fear it might be a little too nerd for me.

TorCon3 is the “serious” one of the bunch, with a serious $200+ admission fee. However, it does include admission to the actual Hugo Award presentations, which is kind of neat. Still not worth it in my books, but interesting nonetheless.

Speaking of Hugo winners, here’s the Babylon 5 season three packaging looking all spiffy. The best bit of news around this is an August release. Apparently, Season 2 has been selling so well that Warner Bros. is in a rush to release the last three. With plenty of bonus material too. Score.

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