Damned Dirty Neophytes

GameTab is yet another game review aggregator. The stand-out for GameTab is their news aggregator: news.gametab.com. While its claim of being the “Google News for Gamers” is vastly premature (in a lot of ways), it is, nonetheless, an good idea and a solid start. Game related news has been seriously lacking something like this. Now if only they could provide syndication…

It’s slightly old news, but Google News now comes in a localized Canadian flavour.

According to Starship Dimensions, an Earth Alliance Omega Class Destroyer is about the size of an Imperial Star Destroyer, which is slightly larger than a Romulan War Bird. I have always imagined that the Star Destroyer would be vastly larger. Now I know for sure. Thank god that for every hundred lesser geeks, there’s a geekus superior to allay our vast concerns.

I doubt that that these figures can be found at Toys R’ Us. Orange Level Warning: they’re quite NSFW.

Today I got an email from support@microsoft.com, with the body “All information is in the attached file.” Looking at the headers, I could see that it originated from a Sympatico address (someone with the name “Annie” or something). I doubt that Microsoft uses Sympatico, hence: delete. I’m not stupid enough to run something that obvious. That can’t be said about a lot of people, however, as said email is being mentioned all over the int0rweb. It is, indeed, a virus. An obvious fact that many seem to miss. Damned dirty neophytes!

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