Drag-on Dragoon

Square-Enix recently announced its E3 line-up. There’s definitely a stronger showing than last year’s one and a half games on show, but having four of the new titles contain the words “Final Fantasy” is a bit much. Their only original title, Drakengard, looks like it has potential. The movie on the official Japanese site is impressive, albeit completely lacking in any gameplay footage. The Magic Box has some screens and a (very) brief description, labeling the game an “action RPG,” which is about as vague as you can get. Hopefully, there will be more information on this title within the week, though it is likely to be eclipsed by those other not-quite-final fantasies.

Konami has put up a MGS teaser. Maybe I’m being juvenile, but it feels a little too euphemistic.

All signs point to another interesting E3 this year. Again.

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