Four Brief Words

Amusing. Useful. Interesting. Cool.

This Matrix piracy article has a weird juxtaposition. First they talk about the movie being routinely downloaded and pirated, and how digital piracy could become “debilitating” for the industry; then they add that despite the piracy, the movie made $363.5m at the box office worldwide so far. Only 363.5 million? What a menace those pirates are!

The two rounds of extra downloadable content for MechAssault have made the multiplayer aspect of the game that much better. They fixed a number of really stupid UI issues; added a few new maps and mechs; and added the extra fun Capture The Flag mode, which really lends itself to a team type of game. The previous Team Destruction was a mindless deathmatch under the guise of teamwork, when there really wasn’t any (except for the very rare exception). CTF success, however, completely depends on good teamwork. This is good. As such, I’m enjoying the game more now than I did months ago. Find me online if you’re playing sometime between evening and early morning.

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