Puttering away

Feeling nostalgic, I was browsing through my old, old referer lists. It was early 2000, and this whole blog thing was just a steadily growing, but mostly “underground”, fad. Back then, you could count all the “blog” mentions in the mainstream press with a single hand. It was an idyllic free-spending time, when Slashdot and Metafilter were ad-free and the concept of subscription based content was far fetched. Now it’s unavoidable.

The referers were a mish-mash of memories, with names that only those that were there would remember. Linksluts? Webloglog? the weblogs.com ads? the great blog-off? riothero? pitas (ok, so they’re still around… but really now)?

The sad part is that the majority of the links in my referers pointed to long dead sites. Long forgotten weblogs with quirky domain names; all of them claimed by the carrion-eaters of the internet: domain sellers, phony portals, questionable search engines, online casios, porn sites, and prescription retailers. Such a cruel fate.

Some of those sites are still around. Some of them have reached “web celebrity” status. Some still putter away in obscurity — and maybe they’ll feel nostalgic too, and they’ll wonder about this very site: still puttering away.

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