I to the C to the 0

I have written about ugly Americanized box-art for Japanese games before, particularly Mobile Light Force, but there’s one sore example that I did not realize until today: Ico.

I have always wondered why such a markedly original and artistic game as Ico had such overly generic box-art. I never looked into it, but I have stumbled upon the answer. This is the Japanese and European cover art, and it is brilliant. The surreal, and obvious, homage to de Chirico fits the game perfectly.

It’s a shame that we got stuck with that travesty. Perhaps Sony of America thought that we might not get it; perhaps, even more likely, it was created thanks to the wonders of *gag* “design by committee”. Too bad. The original art would have added an extra dimension to the game; after all, it was Giorgio de Chirico.

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