I’ve been off to Bye-Bye-Land the last week, fully detached from the outside world with a wandering mind. I feel really out of it right now and the computer is the last thing I want to be near to. Over the last few days, this trusty old laptop (which I call Supernaut) has functioned primarily as a glorified music player. The headphone output goes straight into the stereo’s input. Winamp handles the rest. Airwave radio tends to get boring real quick, so internet radio comes to the rescue.

The internet has it all covered, from cheesy 80s new wave to the harshest experimental rhythmic noise. Whereas the airwaves have the same Top 40 (80. 160. 320) stuff over and over and over again. Once again: “thank you int0rweb”!

It is that same int0rweb that makes Return to Castle Wolfenstein for the XBox so fun. Yeah, it’s not really a new game. Hell, you can get the full working stand-alone expansion, Enemy Territory, for free. However, not being a PC gamer, due to technological limitations (because of said trusty laptop), it’s new to me.

It’s the best Live-enabled game that I’ve yet to play. Without communication, something that the built in voice features are supposed to encourage, you’re screwed. I previously mentioned my liking of team oriented gameplay and RtCW, to me, achieves that fine balance. The only catch is finding a really decent server, as most play like they’re running off of a Master System connected to a 14k modem. “Beach Invasion”, more often than not, tends to be lag-tastic. But — and it is a really big J-Lo type of ‘but’ — if you can find a solid server with mature players, the hours will pass you buy. It’s great.

My standard gamer tag applies, but I mostly play as Supernaut. Look for me.

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