Lock, Stock and Two For One Rentals

Today I watched The Hours and Quills in succession. I think I want to kill myself now. guh.

On a lighter note, I also saw Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels. Watching it was a relief of sorts, as I’ve had annoyingly bad luck trying to see this movie over the last year. When I’d go to rent it, it was either: not there; perpetually rented; or the display box would be there, but the actual movie would be missing (this happened more than once).

For once, luck was on my side. I had just enough cash for one movie when I went in to pick up The Hours (and return Punch Drunk Love, which was good). On a whim I checked the “action” section, and there it was. There was only six bucks in my pocket, and the last movie I rented was an ungodly $5.60. That was two days ago. I thought I was going to be out of luck. I thought I would have to pass on it during my one chance, and I knew that if I would I’d never see it again. It was then and there, or never at all. And then I noticed: “Two For One Rentals.”

So I rented it.

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