Mellow greetings, sir. What’s your boggle?

I don’t write down nearly enough of my thoughts. It’s unfortunate, as most of the good ones happen during the most inconvenient times. At times when they are most likely to be easily forgotten. I think I could write five novels based around the great thoughts that I know I once had, but can’t for the life of me remember.

If a person does not expect to live much past their forties, is it fair to assume that their mid-life crisis would happen around the time they are twenty-three?

A whole shit-load of random stuff follows:

Holy crap, the new NASA site looks like some hip media-savvy online zine, or something. It’s so unlike a typical government site. I mean that in a good way.

I want one. Though at three grand, in US Dollars, it’s a little too pricy.

Bloggers talk about bloggers in a bid to get more bloggers to link to their blogging article so that the blogger indexers can rate the blogging article number one, allowing more bloggers to see it. All that self-referential backlinking is going to make my head explode.

Blogistan? Blogistan? Jesus Christ, this termiblogology is getting bloggy out of hand.

The Japanese have an emoticon for everything.

Arg. This Disinfect The Core game is pissing me off.

Now here’s a cool, but completely useless MAME port. Who needs a camera for taking pictures anyway?

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