Quicker than

Someone beat me to it: the Castlevania random subtitle generator, because Konami’s cliched titles have long since been the butt of many jokes. Lament of Innocence? C’mon.

I had a similar idea to this but, as usual, I slacked off and lost interest. (here’s crude proof). I can never be a comic because my timing is off. Or I’m lazy. Or just plain monotone and not very funny: which makes the comedy thing slightly difficult. Or maybe not. I could be the straight man. But they’re not really funny per say, they’re just the butt of the jokes. And getting pie in the face would suck.

Here’s a pretty neat video for U.N.K.L.E. – Eye 4 An Eye. The song also uses samples from one of my favourite movies, so that’s an extra plus.

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