Cunt Trump

Came across Indie Gamer today. While not the best looking of sites, nor the most chock full of information, it does serve as a sort of “mini-portal” to the independent game dev scene. There’s some links to other indie game review sites and some developers. I think I’m going to check out some of the more original games I find there. Perhaps that might offset all the complaints about the lack of originality coming down from the big publishers.

On with it:

Vespa Vintage Gallery.

Chaos: The Software via g3rm.

Designer’s Notebook: In the Beginning Was the Word.

Arcade Classics Spawn Art? Current Trends in the Art Game Genre [pdf] via zang. It’s a bit of a read. I only just skimmed it (reading pdfs on a monitor is a strain), but I already have some issues with it.

I’m very much for the convergence of digital games and art. It’s just that if art is under the guise of a “game”, it should act as a “game.” Often times artists misconstrue simple interactivity with gameplay. While that is intentional in some cases (or ironic, or clever, or whatever), it’s often an overlooked aspect of the greater picture. Nobody wants to involve themselves with a game that is a chore, regardless of the statement it contains. The gameplay is crucial; and making fine, balanced, and enjoyable gameplay is, in itself, an artform.

Or something like that. Anyway, here’s the Celebrity Cunt Database.

Without the politicians and stiffs, it was surprisingly difficult to whittle it down to just five, since there are so many utter cunts out there. In true drunken ramble style, Sam and I broke out a pen and paper and devised an impromptu ratings system to help us decide.

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