For the second night in a row, I am somewhat buzzed and/or drunk. All without having to leave the house! I think I am becoming an anti-social drinker.

Or, as the French say, “le alcoholic“.

It’s a budding trend that likely isn’t too beneficial for my mental state. The one trade-off is that, in the last two weeks, I’ve had a dramatic increase in dream memory. In other words, I went from none at all to some random and disjoint memories. I’d try to interpret them, but they are too fragmented. Besides, 90% of those seem like they are fragments of larger, more menacing, more ominous, and generally unpleasant nightmares. I’d soon rather go back to my lack of dreaming than to this growing sensation of subconscious death.

My first ever experience with a so-called waking dream (aka. sleep paralysis) wasn’t very fun either.

Additionally, I think that one of those dreams had Freddy and Jason in it. : Less booze is in order.

The classic flight404 relaunched recently, featuring a lot of proce55ing work. I just noticed that the site has had new additions in the last few days, and that it’s being “completed,” so I figured that it’d be worth a plug.

Now if only I could get my p5 programs to be as interesting.

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