While I can never abandon my computer, for the last few months I have been feverishly avoiding computing. There are many reasons as to why I’ve been put off by the dev side of things, the largest of which is a general malaise, but overall I just needed a break. That very same sentiment is the reason why I am currently unemployed. Regardless of that, my curiosity has been renewed (for how long I don’t know, but at least it is there).

Casually browsing some of the more tech-oriented weblogs in my favourites folder, I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot lately. (not) Echo, and arguments about RSS 2.0. PHP 5 beta, with MySQL bundling removed because of some (apparently new) MySQL licenses that are now making me wonder whether I should take up PostgreSQL. And, of course, various discussions about standards, syndication, and browsers — well, some things never change. All of this is leaving me more confused than before…

Leaving the complicated stuff behind, I decided to focus my efforts towards simpler endeavours. Things like this directory browser, which I find to be useful; a basic photo gallery script (that I can’t show because I need to revamp it. I made it in less than an hour to show a bunch of images off of, but I need to go back to it so that it can scale better); and, lastly, proce55ing.

proce55ing is, basically, a java based API for making “visual toys.” While not necessarily limited to such toys, the examples on the site would lead you to believe that it is the primary focus. There’s more that could be written, but right now I choose to explore it. Enough is said on the proce55ing site as it is.

Generally, Flash or Director would be used for such diversions… but, well, Flash doesn’t describe the rendering speed of swfs. Even basic Java can perform exponentially faster than any swf — though I do worry about the bloat of Java applets. We’ll see. First I must build something with it.

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