ece4co has a bunch of browser based Shockwave games featuring a cat in a number of dangerous situations. The balloon one is my favourite.

Frontal Assault is a … unique Windows game:

The idea is to perform various moves on breasts. The move icons
float to the screen and you must make the move before the icon
disappears. Lose too many icons and the game ends.

Once the quirky novelty of it passes, the game itself is rather bland.

My experience with the Heroes of Might & Magic series of games is limited, but what I did play I enjoyed. The Might and Magic name was, arguably, the best thing going for 3D0. Well, now you can buy it. No, not the game — the entire franchise itself. It’s all thanks to 3D0’s bankruptcy. Of course, it will likely set you back six figures, but considering the history that’s not too bad. (Addition: the bidding is under way.)

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