Le Subtitle

After watching Life is Beautiful on Showcase last weekend, I realized something peculiar. In the last three months I have seen more subtitled movies than I have seen in the last three years (if not more). Most of them inadvertently as they’ve been playing on TV.

It started with Amelie, which, I’ll admit, I was slow to catch. After that I watched: the anime remake of Metropolis (nothing special); Run Lola Run; Man Bites Dog (horribly vicious, but strangely amusing); Ran (amazing movie); Lone Wolf and Cub 2 (I think it was number two. It was a cheesy samurai film, but enjoyable for much spilling of blood.); recently, Life is Beautiful; and some others that I am currently forgetting.

There’s no real significance to this, but the sudden frequency is noticeable. Anyway, it’s nice getting this different perspective when it comes to movies, so now I find myself looking for other alternatives, suggestions, or recommendations.

I’ve been meaning to see Hard Boiled for a long time. Now’s as good a chance as any.

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