I came across a large depot of Japanese video game commericals, and I’m amused by some of their peculiarity. There’s definitely some culture gap going on there. (The first bunch is real media, ugh, so I can’t watch them, but the ones after that are all .asf. Not much better, but at least watchable). I can’t get over the fact that many of them end with a 7-11 logo. I wish convenience stores sold video games here. That’d be… convenient.

It’s hard to get excited about a game based on a few sporadic screen shots, especially when you have absolutely no clue how the game is going to play or what it’s like — but Killer 7 is looking pretty swanky in the visual design department. The game might turn out to be complete ass (it is Capcom after all), but at least there are some developers willing to tread new ground with original visual styles. I can see the forced angular simplicity turning off a lot of people — the kind of people that demand a “realistic” Zelda — but I like it. It fits the film noir motif.

“Realistic Zelda” is a cringe worthy phrase.

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