Big Blue

Everyone’s second favourite NES cover band, the NESkimos, has a bunch of new tunes. An interesting take on Castlevania; the first guitarish version of Zelda III’s “Hyrule Castle” that I’ve heard; and, best of all, a solid version of F-Zero’s Big Blue.

Strangely, the NESkimo version of “Big Blue” is better than all three(!) versions found in F-Zero GX. Better than the electronic/techno version heard during Chapter 4. Better than the remixed, guitar version that you can unlock. And definitely better than the new music that they play during the Big Blue levels.

On its own, the new theme is alright; but this is Big Blue we’re talking about, and the real Big Blue theme should be played. That’s just something you don’t fuck with. Change the Port Town music — fine, no one cares. Remove all original references to the Mute City theme, except for a small riff — tolerable, at least there’s a bit of a homage there. Replace Big Blue with some generic futuristic racing game music — no fucking way, man.

That is equivalent to releasing the enhanced version of Star Wars with a soundtrack created by the Bee Gees. Do what you want to the movie, but don’t fuck with the music and the memorable themes.

Aside from this major fuck-uppery, the F-Zero GX soundtrack is surprisingly large (like, more than 80 full or mid length tracks!) and surprisingly varied (with the odd sprinklings of SEGAish cheese. If you were to hear some of the lyrical tracks, you’d know what I mean.) Pretty darn good, it is.

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