Election Time

Hah. The Liberal party of Ontario is claiming endorsement from the Canadian Idol winner (I’m sold!) However, more importantly, Dalton has a blog. Now we can hear the leader of the provincial Liberals talk about his love for Buffy: The Vampire Slayer and we can finally get an answer to the all important question: “boxers or briefs?” I bet you never imagined boxers! … Seriously. This important message brought to you by a posting on Freddie.ca

Interested by this, I decided to check the sites for the other two parties.

Considering the amount of money the PCs have, you’d think that they’d have a better site. Pretty poor showing. Even the mediocre Liberal Party site is better than this.

Strangely, the one party that no one cares about is the one with the best designed site: the NDP. Nice, clean, crisp, though, based on the site, fuck if I know what they’re campaigning for.

So, if the election were to be decided by their web presence, the NDP would win a majority, though nobody would know why.

Of course, we have more than three parties here, so lets take a look at the rest. Party links courtesy of the elections ontario site, which is pretty hip on its own right.

The Green Party is definitely green. The site is pretty basic, but clean and organized. I’d say that it’s better than the Conservative and Liberal sites, for sure.

The Communist Party is the worst yet. I guess when you’re communist, you can’t be expected to pay top dollar for better designers. Ugliness aside, and disregarding your personal views of the party, you have to admit that this is a good press announcement. It definitely simplifies the task of making your own party… which likely explains the next three entries.

I thought that the Communists would have the worst site, but then I came across the Libertarian Party site. Shitty. The Freedom Party site isn’t much better.

The real kicker, however, is the Family Party. It doesn’t just look like it was designed in Front Page, it was designed in Front Page. Front Page 4.0 to be exact. (“Family Party”? There should be a “House Party”!)

Last but definitely least, there’s the Ontario Provincial Confederation of Regions Party. Fittingly, the site is a 404.

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