It’s so bad

Last week was a hell of a week.

Now that it’s over, this week I chill. Sitting around watching Cowboy Bebop; waiting for the October horror film fest on Scream and MPix and IFC and all those other weird uncensored-movie-showing channels. Relaxing for the week, until the need to seek out the next pay-check strikes again. I feel like I’m living the nomadic life, except for that whole moving deal.

Having the free time, I started looking through various old savings of mine. That’s when I came across an old Player’s Buyers Guide to Nintendo Games from the fall of 1989. The ads they had back then reek of cheese. Big time.

That was an occasion that called for the scanner’s resurfacing. Here’s a bunch of my favourite ads: who remembers the U-Force?; a wireless showdown; Tecmo, before the T in “Tecmo” stood for T&A; radical action from Capcom, featuring their god awful Mega Man 2 box art; experience bionic power; a rough Bad Dudes ad; 8 Eyes, now with dual attack mode!; Child’s Play??… Power Play!!… Future Play. Ah yes, the Powerglove. It’s so bad!

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