Murphy’s Law

I’ve seen it done on TV and in the movies for years, but until today I never tried it on my own. There never was a need. Not until today, when a bedroom door was inadvertently locked from the inside. MacGyver-like, I grabbed an expired credit card and used it to pry the door open. It was surprisingly easy.

Note to self: “if paranoid, get deadbolt locks.”

Check this one out. ABA Games, which I’ve mentioned here on many occasions, has a new game: A7Xpg. It’s simple by design, using just the arrow keys for movement and a single key for propulsion, but it’s exceptional in execution. It’s hard to describe the mechanics of it, but the most succinct way that comes to mind is: a cross between Snake, Robotron, and Pac-Man with Rez-like, abstract graphics. My current top score is a decent: 32,980.

A couple things to take note of:, photos of the Earth from really high up, and a nice article about the never-ending music download debate, MP3s are not the Devil.

Lastly, when I pictured the origins of “Murphy’s Law”, I always imagined some drunkard in a tavern during the days of the Black Death. The assumption was that it has been around for centuries. Never would I have guessed that it originated at Edwards Air Force Base during The Right Stuff era of Chuck Yeager. This is far more interesting.

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