Working Hard for the Money

In need of some quick cash, I got a very temporary job through an agency. However, this isn’t the point of this post.

There, I laboured heavily with another guy as we unloaded 360 55kg tubs of chlorine. Let me tell you, I was feeling it the next morning. My lower back and my arm muscles felt like they were pumping acid. In a way, they were. So I’m thankful that it was a very temporary position, but I digress.

The guy I worked with, nice fellow, was a newcomer to Canada. He came from South Africa after a stint in Tennessee where he got his Masters degree in Sports Medicine or Physiotherapy (or something along those lines). By all accounts, this guy shouldn’t have trouble finding solid work; but here he was, along with me, loading barrels of chlorine.

In all fairness, he hasn’t been here too long. Proper jobs will surely come; but, so far, he’s heard on many occasions that he can’t get hired because he doesn’t have any “local” experience. Of course, he can’t get that experience until someone hires him — so, until then, his Masters degree is, by all accounts, a useless piece of paper.

This leaves me thinking two things. Firstly, degrees are overrated. Secondly, and this one is more relevant to my current situation, the job market here is retarded.

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