Brain Tumour Wavelengths

USB Drives are interesting in that they are far more usable and portable than CDs, don’t require any special CD-RWs or Zip-Drives, and have far more capacity than old style floppies (though that one’s a given). Their small size also allows them to be integrated with other bits of technology, like the USB Watch. However, other than that and some miniscule mp3 players, I haven’t seen anything else interesting in this area. Until now. Here’s a cool little gadget: USB Wifi and memory storage. I would so get one if I didn’t already have a Wifi card.

The Sony-Ericsson P900, the update to the downright cool but pricey P800, is coming soon. But the more of these new high-tech phones that I see, with their cameras and their games and their PDAs and GPS and whatever else they think of, the more content I am with my no-frills, nearly three year old pre-Sony Ericsson handset. And just as this article’s writer says to Nokia’s CEO, I will likely not upgrade my phone until it is dead for good.

The other thing that would keep me from upgrading to a high-end phone is the fact that my carrier’s, Rogers, phone selection is absolutely horrible. Mostly lousy and already out-dated phones. That alone has me thinking of going Fido, with their far better phones.

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