Disc Can Not Be Read

Mega64 has a video spoof of Shenmue [25MB]. The gag, as with similar jokes to this, is that the seemingly normal in a video game, when acted out in a real world situation, is absurd. Dave Chappelle did this with the car-jacking in Grand Theft Auto 3. These guys focus on the clue-seeking conversations with strangers that are common in Shenmue.

The 2003 Dumbass Corporate Lawsuit Awards. The sad part is that they could, very likely, increase it from a Top 10 List to a Top 100 List.

A local store, Animation Connection, sells a lot of cartoon prints, etchings, original art, and original cels. Most worthy of note: The Simpsons, including many original production cels. Anyone have $500US to spare?

As an aside, my F-Zero GX disc — which has been sitting in its case for weeks — has, seemingly, been damaged. This has rendered the game all but unplayable. The disc has not been dragged on the ground, chewed on by the cat, sneezed on, or anything. The last time I played it, it worked fine. Since then, it’s been in its packaging. Now it doesn’t work. This is annoying, and it has left me pining for the good old fashioned cartridge days. Stupid disc technology.

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