Volume One and a Half

One last Kill Bill mention — until February. Via Google I came across Everything Tarantino which linked to the HKFlix Kill Bill Study Guide, and someone there links to a Tarantino interview that talks, at lenght, about all the references.

This isn’t an art film mediation on these movies. This is the genuine article. The real deal. And that was one of the ideas behind splitting it in half. There just seems something pretentious about a three hour exploitation film. But two! Two exploitation movies! That’s ambitious.

Also, Road to Perdition was influenced by Lone Wolf and Cub? *Carson voice* I did not know that.

As a final note, here is one of the best aspects of Kill Bill. Wallpaper size, too.

On to something else…

2002: A Palindrome Story. Not only is the story a palindrome, but it uses exactly 2002 words — which, itself, is a palindrome. Here’s a review. I was going to be clever and write this paragraph as a palindrome, but I’m not that clever.

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