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While my spam doesn’t quite reach the literary depths of collision detection’s spam, I have noticed a drastic increase in verbosity. Thus, I present to you, Re: %RND_UC_CHAR[2-8], master whispered solemnly:

feathery oneupmanship referral amnesia convert benign
cretaceous sse pest watchman fusion requisite bobcat shadow hibernia
bypass bergson wacky gates gingko ness digitate armco tonnage lithe
conspire downtrend thump catalysis morphism benevolent gland aerate
diurnal abridgment clare apotheosis solidarity daughter

I’m assuming that the “author” didn’t properly replace the variable in the subject, hence the “%RND_UC_CHAR[2-8]” instead of, say, “VBXAO” (as in another email). Fortunately, all email that I get goes through two seperate spam filters — my server’s Spam Assassin, and my client’s (Firebird) built in filtering — and this pretty much guarantees that I see VERY little spam, unless I specifically seek it out by going to my “junk” folder. I’ve had a few false-negatives here and there, but the fault with those is with me; I rarely get regular email, so the filters have a hard time knowing what isn’t spam. Give the filters a year more and they’ll catch on.

If anything, this whole post has given me reason to verify that my trackback functionality is working.

Good news: USAToday – “Family Guy” May Return. Title says it all!

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