Coder Curiosity

Here’s a pretty good list of RSS readers. I think I’ve tried about five of them, and none of themleft me satisfied. They were either too bulky, or too buggy, or too slow. The stand-alone desktop application factor was annoying as well, as I wanted something far more transparent.

Earlier this month, I came across Feed on Feeds. Milov was using it and I liked what I saw. It was simple, clean, web based, and it used the very familiar PHP/MySQL combo — so it was open to customization. It seemed nice, but I didn’t bother because of server restraints, and because I didn’t have a real need at that point.

Then came That gave me a bunch of ideas. Then I was told I might have access to a new server, for free. Several possible future job leads followed (though nothing definite 🙂 Then some more ideas. Then, all of a sudden, I had rediscovered my coder curiosity. It’s been dormant for months, but it seems to be waking again. Thus, using magpie, I’ve decided to roll my own feed reader.

Got nothing better to do. Well, I do — but nothing as productive.

Also, the backyard is covered by some strange, white, powdery substance. It is, quite possibly, anthrax. More on this news as it develops…

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