Pink is the new Gray

It took nearly a week to fine-tune and finalize, but the new style — along with some relatively minor fixes in the underlying XHTML — is done and live. Quite clearly, it is not my typical fare as it has colour (and not just colour, but pinkish colour.) Yes, I have decided to opt in on pink, shunning aside all those years of dark-gray on light-gray with touches of grayish-blue. I am comfortable enough in my masculinity to use pink.

There are a few minor browser inconsistencies with Internet Explorer 5.5 and up (strangely, 5.0 works fine ?) and I no longer have access to a Mac so I can’t test it there, but if you are using a Mozilla-based browser, you should be fine; you should also be commended. Go Mozilla!

If you absolutely hate it, then hit the “Config” link and set it back to the old “Gamer Classic” style.

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