RSS Firebird Extension

My kind of luck. Just as soon as I get started on my own RSS reader, I find Firebird Ext. – RSS Reader Panel. An RSS reader that very easily and very seamlessly integrates into Firebird’s sidebar. It’s nice and small, and I had it working almost instantly. There are a few problems, though. For one, it’s not very lax on the RSS validation. A malformed feed will generate errors, and you’ll end up getting nothing out of the feed. While this really isn’t a problem with the Reader Panel as much as a problem with the actual feeds that are provided (garbage in, garbage out!), some element of flexibility would be nice.

It would also be swell if the feeds could be sorted by thelatest items, rather than having them grouped under each individual channels. Minor complaints, really, as Reader Panel is quite good overall. The “keep it simple, stupid” philosophy works in its favour, and that’s something I like.

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