Three Sea Shells

Having just watched Demolition Man for the nth time, I have just realized that one aspect of the movie is turning out damn-right prophetic. It was once a slight jab at the other action star. Now, the “Arnold Schwarzenegger Presidential Library” doesn’t seem so improbable.

Another fun little trivia fact is that the movie Predator featured two future state governors — Arnold Schwatzawhatever and Jesse Ventura. According to this trend, the guy that played Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies, Carl Weathers, is going to be governor within the next four years. Or perhaps the guy that played Dick Tracy’s “Pruneface”, R.G. Armstrong.

I just found out that CBC has organized all of their online Flash games on a single page. All those games (except for that “Naughty Pig” thing) are 10Plus1’s babies, all made during my time there. Four of those are mine. The crappiest four, eh.

All of those, however, can’t hold a candle to the glory that is Robotron — very accurately ported to Shockwave. The best part of it? You get the same great taste without any of that MAME guilt. Not that I have any.

Other than saying “I’ve commented on it at three places already”, I will make no mention of that Paris Hilton video. It’s pointless anyway, as everyone has seen it before already. If you haven’t, then you might want to see this, as it is undoubtedly new to you as well.

Finally, don’t forget, it’s Leonid time. The peak is on the 19th. Hope the skies will be clear, because November is almost always overcast. I can’t remember the last time that the Leonids had a clear sky (and I’ve been checking for years).

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