90s Fox “Coolness”

Somewhere in a stream of conversation, I realized that the sitcoms of my youth have been getting the DVD treatment. Season one of Married with Children is now available, as is the complete set of the short-lived Ben Stiller Show (the recollections are vague, but I remember it being good. I don’t know why these two, but an Oliver Stone spoof and a guest appearance by Flea are the only things that I *do* remember).

Jokingly, with a touch of sincerity, I mentioned that Herman’s Head and Get A Life should get the DVD treatment too, as if to complete my childhood. They were the first random Fox sitcoms that came to mind and, quite likely, the most memorable of the second-tier early 90s Fox sitcoms. Herman’s Head is probably best remembered for sharing Thursday nights with The Simpsons along with some prominent voice talent — Hank Azaria and Yeardley Smith. Chris Elliot‘s Get a Life is, to this day, the thing I most associate with R.E.M.’s “Stand”.

They weren’t the absolute greatest series ever, but they were funny at times. Enjoyable even. Definitely worth a look if the chance were to present itself (then again, maybe nostalgia portrays them in a more favourable light).

Then, as I was refreshing my memory, came a surprising revelation: Get a Life is available on DVD! Hmmmm. Worth a look, eh? No word on Herman’s Head, though.

Browsing this *incomplete* 90s Prime-Time TV grid has brought out many repressed Fox memories. Some good: In Living Color and Parker Lewis Can’t Lose (“Gentlemen, synchronize swatches!” — sheeeit, remember that show?); some really bad: Woops! and Matt LeBlanc’s god-awful Married with Children spin-off; some vague and unknown: Bakersfield P.D. ?; and others, completely forgotten (probably for the best).

It’s probably a fruitless endeavour, but TVShowsOnDVD.com lets you vote for those great, forgotten shows — including the Dana Carvey Show. (But no more voting for In Living Colour, as that’s coming early next year!)

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