What ever happened to the RSS Reader that I said I’d make?

It is alive and already proving itself quite useful! The preliminary version is up at dev.the-inbetween.com/Feeds. That was the first look I was going for, but after some tweaking I’m starting to favour the alternate look. It’s more compact and efficient, and with some more compacting it might make a good Firebird sidebar. The floating descriptions are powered by kryogenix’s nice titles script. It’s dhtmlicious!

There’s still some bugs, some features still need to be added, and a lot of optimization is required, but the early results are positive and I’m hoping that will be my motivation to get it completed.

As for the name: Mimir. I like the etymology of it, but I’m undecided as to whether the actual word is good. Something about saying “mee’-mir” doesn’t sit right. It’s a smidge too “tinny.” A “woody” word would be more apt.

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