Random Movie “did you know”s

Do you know that state Governors Ventura and Schwarzenegger have appeared in three films together? Predator, The Running Man, and Batman & Robin.

Do you know that The Land Before Time (confession: I saw it in the theatre) has had nine sequels? Some guy at Amazon calls the tenth installment slunlishy. Apparently, XI is in production too; they should be at the land during time already*.

Do you know that the voice of Solid Snake, David Hayter, is the writer of X-Men and X2?

And so that you’ll know when you inevitably come across it (if you haven’t already): the Apple-like iRobot commercial and all its tie-ins are part of a marketing campaign for the film version of Asimov’s I, Robot — starring Will Smith. ugh.

* I’ve used this lame joke before.

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