Your Anus, The Magician

The question is: how do you get into something for which you lack the proper knowledge or vocabulary to explain what it is that you like about it? This topic on the newish ask.metafilter helps a bit, but I need something more direct. I think I like Prokofiev and Holst. I probably like deeply layered orchestral stuff. I think I like things that use the harpsichord and/or the organ. I think that’s primarly Baroque, but I really don’t know.

Then you get some 30 recordings of the same thing by 30 different symphonies, and I get even more lost. Oh so lost.

Somebody hope me!

Related note. After using Google as a fact/spell-checker, I came across this: a playable LEGO Harpsichord. Cripes.

Unrelated note. An interesting discussion about Canadian magazines (or lack thereof) at Mefi.

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