Yule Time Trap

I do not hide the fact that I loathe the holiday season. I make certain to mention it every year on many, many occasions. It’s stupid and pointless. I’d be rid of it if I could.

Unfortunately, there exists a Yule Time Trap. Here is how it starts: I very clearly and very emphatically point out that I, sincerely, do not want anything for Christmas and I do not want others to waste money on this retail scam; I repeat this fifty times as people tend to not believe me; I make a verbal agreement (I don’t get you anything, you don’t get me anything — we both save money, we both win); I repeat this verbal agreement fifty times to make sure it sinks in.

That is where it all breaks apart.

Because I know that no matter how sincere I am in my non-wants, that these people will buy something. And I know that if they do that, they will be upset or disappointed or just outright pissed-off if they don’t get something in return — so I must buy something. Thus, I am consumed by this perpetual trap from which there is no escape. A trap that benefits no one except the retailers.

And to that, I say: bah humbug.

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