Game Developer

This monday, after nearly a year of pseudo-freelancing and genuine-slacking, I make my return to full-time work. I will be, once again, a productive member of society. That’s not to say that my away time has been unproductive, as I have finally beaten Grand Theft Auto 3: Vice City, it’s just that my concept — my definition — of “productive” is slightly askew of the accepted norms.

Besides, seeing as my official title will be the overly specific “Flash Game Developer,” there is room for the argument that my time in Vice City can be cited as “research”. The best aspect of this new title is that it, once again, gives me a professional excuse to think about game design and mechanics and puzzles and gameplay. I can now shift from the role of the player to the role of the designer. And while I find all that theory and ludology immensely fascinating, I know that it’s not the realm for me; I’ve always been more about application rather than study, and more about consumption rather than deconstruction. So I’m glad that I have such a specific title and such a specific focus.

Also, making money is good.

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