Hey! and other hacks

I hate to generalize, because there are many exceptions, but some of the expected responses warrant this generalization: Asking Slashdot about net.art is like asking a bunch of chefs about M-Theory. You might get a cake out of it but don’t expect relevant discussion.

I kid. I kid. There are some good posts there amongst the misguided geek masses.

In other discussions, a thirteen year old does a net send on the school’s network to say “hey!” and the dumbass teacher thinks he hacked the network and suspends him for three days. There are a lot of stupid things about this story, like the fact that he was able to do it in the first place, but most of those have been pointed out in that thread.

If sending a “hey!” warrants three days, then let me think back to grade nine. In grade nine, I remember the following: we discovered a way to get out of the sandbox the computers had installed; in some cases, we could browse some peoples’ (and teachers’) account information; I believe, in keyboarding class, we got into the teacher’s account; we managed to find a way to install external programs; we played Prince of Persia during keyboarding class (well, when a supply was there); and, in that same keyboarding class, we had access to pornographic images on the network. Now, these weren’t todays high quality full-colour jpegs, but they were clear enough. Surely more defined than the various sexual doodlings in the textbooks. The strange thing is I don’t think any of the students installed them. It’s possible that was the teacher’s stash. Which, knowing the teacher, wouldn’t have been too surprising; creepy fucker. I could be wrong, but that’s been my general assumption for the last decade.

As I said, that was just grade 9. There was plenty more mischief in the later grades, when the internet was reaching a saturation point and the class computers were all, for the most part, Windows-based.

If a net send is enough to warrant a three day suspension, the shit we did would have warranted expulsion and deportation. Ahhh, memories.

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