It’s pointless, but I find the website mixmaster strangely amusing. The best mix for my content has to be, in my humble opinion, Timecube: timecube vs the-inbetween. Other fun mixes: McGuinty vs International Association of Assholes; President Bush vs Landover Baptist; Paul Martin Times vs Maddox Hatemail.

Though, I imagine, the more proper mix for the last one would be Paul Martin Time (not to be confused with the plural “Times”). Say what you want about Chretien, but at least he didn’t look like a fruity children’s show host. He’s so dreamy!

By the way, I suck at the 80s quiz [warning: major time waster]. Final Score: 46.25. This despite the fact that I’ve been listening to a lot of cheesy 80s music lately. Looks like I have a lot more to catching up to do. However, 46 is probably not too shabby a score for someone that didn’t start listening to music of any kind until 1991. Oh, if there was an early 90s quiz…

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