Resolutions of a Gamer

New year’s resolutions are worthless to me. I don’t bother. However, there are some things that, as a gamer, I do wish to complete. The ones that sit there on the shelf and mock me. Those are the ones I want to put to rest.

I WILL finish one of the Grand Theft Auto games. Most likely, Grand Theft Auto 3. I have played both games extensively, but I have yet to complete all the missions. Screw all the hidden packages though.

I WILL finish Zone of the Enders 2, even though I can’t remember a single bit of the Kojima-esque story.

I WILL unlock and complete those last few bonus tracks in Amplitude and Frequency, even if my fingers will fall off in the process.

I WILL play and beat Metroid Prime on hard.

I WILL get at least ten million points in Ikaruga. I was going to say: “I WILL one credit this on normal,” but I know that will never happen.

I WILL complete the damned campaign in Advance Wars. I really like the game, but it can be so sloooooow at times.

I WILL get a Saturn.

Lastly, I WILL play Valkyrie Profile. I’ve seen this game revered quite often, so when I saw it at EB some months ago, I had to get it. I’ve yet to play it.

It’s not the only game that I own that I haven’t played yet (you know you have a problem when…), but it is the most prominent. Although Morrowind is tempting too…

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