Obviously, upon seeing the stereoscopic Mars images, I wasn’t the first one to think of the jiggly effect: here’s some more Martian jiggliness. Eh, I still like mine better because I have a slight fade transition between the frames.

I’ve alredy linked it through, but I want to point out the Appleseed site and trailers over here. Some nice computer generated, motion captured, cel-shaded japanimation there! (though the female protagonist jumping off a building thing is tired, man.)

Also, CBC’s 1993 story: A Network Called “Internet”. It’s been making the rounds, but it’s just too amusing to pass up. Peter Mansbridge with hair typing it up on an old-school modem-connected PC with early net geeks who think the “Internet” has more soul than most people they know. Good stuff. I wonder what those geeks think of the net now.

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