Winter Commute

Up to mid-January there were, by my recollections, no more than two signifcant snowfalls this season. Then, the weather started to conspire against me. A few weeks ago, I had an interview (at the other end of the city): it snowed, and it was slow. A week later, I was asked to come in for a follow-up interview: it snowed even more. Then I got the job and went in for my first day: it snowed even more and, with the rush-hour traffic, it was insanely slow. Day two of work: the second and even more severe round of the same storm hits and the traffic is slower still. We were permitted to leave work early, however, so was virtually everyone else in the city. So instead of avoiding the rush hour, the rush hour came two hours early. Whoop-dee-doo-fun!

They expect another 10cms tomorrow, along with freezing rain and ice pellets. (what are we at now? Half a metre of snow?)

At this rate of deterioration, by my tenth day of work the entire city will be covered by a kilometre thick glacier.

I’m tired.

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