1-player-2-player Ikaruga

I started writing some thoughts about the old Playstation game Carnage Heart and its parallels to the esoteric befunge programming language. However, I got tired and couldn’t flesh out a complete thought so, in its place, I’ll link to this crazy 24MB Ikaruga play video.

I can barely chain through a stage as it is; I can’t imagine doing it while controlling two ships… at once. Those crazy Japanese geeks!

Also, this retro gaming collection craze is really gaining steam. Midway Arcade Treasures 2 has been announced. The best thing about this? The compilation games are coming from progressively later generations, with this new Midway collection firmly planted in the 16-bit era. NES*, SNES, and Genesis game compilations is exactly what we need more of (especially from you, Konami)! I’m sick of the same 20-year old games being constantly rereleased.

* At least the Mega Man Collection is a mere two months away.

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