Ads: I’d Buy That For A Dollar

Forget those multi-million dollar Super Bowl commercials (which I never would have seen — had I cared — thanks to stupid Canadian simulcasting). Instead, enjoy cheesy and nostalgic 80s commercials! It’s a shame that most of them are Real Media, as that rules them out for me (and, hence, no Kool-Aid Man breaking through a wall), but the standard format clips they have are good.

Can’t say that I remember them, though. I know the Zelda commercial, but that’s thanks to the internet. The old Equalizer bunny introduction seems familiar, as do some of the Transformers ads, but that’s about it. Even the Mario Bros. ad is unfamiliar as the Atari was before my time. Definitely not as known to me as the other Mario commercials, along with the still fondly remembered Mario 3 “Mario! Mario! Mario!” chant. That one ranks up there with the old SEGA “Blast Processing” (BS) commercial [mpg]. There’s a lot of ads here too.

Also see: Aries Car Ad Parody.

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