Grammy Crap

Didn’t know the Grammys were today. Didn’t care. Then my sister IM’ed me with something akin to “Christina Aguilera is actually wearing clothing! Being all anti-controversial”. At which point, I switched channels and began the two way barrage of interjections and insults. It made the whole experience watchable.

The truest thing said, though, was: “I was watching an award ceremony, and a concert broke out.” I thought it was going to be an award show, but very few actual awards were given out. It was performance, performance, quick comment, award, commercials, performance, commercials, life time achievement award, commercials, performance, obituaries, more commercials, performance, award. Even the life time achievement awards were quick and secondary.

“We present this life time achievement award to some guy you never heard of”.

*points at the guy in the crowd

“Also, an award to some other guy”

*points at him

“Here’s a performance!”

It was lame. Odd pairings for the performances and presenters; gratuitous sympathy awards to artists that, conveniently, died (or had a stroke) within the last year; broken microphones; retarded attention-starved rappers; and more whining about “downlaods” (that’s not a typo) — nothing says hip quite like posterized stock photographs!

At the least, Andre 3000 is quite the entertainer; as is that weird, table-guitar thing playing guy, whoever he was.

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